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At Liwei Chemicals, working hard to provide the world’s farmers crop protection solutions has been our mission for more than 20 years. We believe that our current success is related closely to the dedicated individuals who do every endeavor to carry out our business goal at all the level. Through their efforts, we are becoming one of the leading manufacturers in China and extend our market share in over 10 countries and areas.

We strive to employee the talented and responsible people for every position to help our company grow up quickly. Meanwhile, we provide sound work environment for personnel growth and always aim to improve their skills and productivity to keep our advantage in the keen competitive market.

Strive for excellence is the backbone of our business expand and strategy. Our people-first approach drives us to provide the unique corporate culture and environment for personal contribution. So we welcome the people who have innovative thinking and are responsible for the work join us where the diverse career opportunities could be reached.

Guangdong Liwei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Tel: +86-20-87379479 87390172
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